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There are many competitors out there with a vivid spectrum of service results and claims but what makes us stand out from them and be the Best SEO Agency is our research-oriented strategic approach. This type of approach allows us to accurately pin-point the flaws in your current marketing strategy and ameliorate it to become one of the finest. We do not make any extraordinary claims like ranking your website on top overnight. SEO is not a one time act but rather a long-term practice that you constantly need to work upon. We take care of this for you and provide you with the Best SEO near you so that you can expand your business online without any hindrance. And the best part – You can get all these finesse services at a really affordable price. Our excellent services come at a reasonable price so that you get the most value out of your money. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important thing and therefore, we are at your disposal whenever you want.

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Search Engine Optimization is a procedure of improving the quantity and quality of a website traffic by boosting its visibility in the search engine result pages. Theseo13 helps in creating the brand image of small, medium and large organizations on digital platforms. We have marked our presence not only nationally but also globally. With our quality of service, ROI generation to our clients and affordable SEO service we have significantly made our mark in this competitive market. To have better understanding of our SEO services, have a look at some of the key points:

Quality of Traffic

You can fascinate all trippers in the world, if they are visiting your site. For example, if someone searches on Google about Apple mobile, the search result could direct them to your page where you could be a farmer who is selling apples. This is definitely not the quality traffic you need on their website. Rather you want to keep hold of the interest of your visitors who are genuinely interested in your products or services. Our expert designs the strategy to bring the quality traffic on your website.

Quality of Traffic

Search Engine ResulSearch Engine Resultsts Pages (SERPs) get more real traffic once the right audience starts clicking through the page. Thus, to get the right audience for you, whether at a national level or worldwide, our professionals use the right SEO tools.

Organic Results

When you don’t have to pay to generate traffic then such traffic is termed as organic traffic. Ads are the organic part of many Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). To get the organic result Theseo13 designs social media campaigns, ads and uses other resources to streamline the search engine for your services/products.

How we rank website keywords?

Ranking for keywords in organic search is a frequent process. The functioning of SEO might differ from your expectations. It’s common for Google to rank a page for keywords other than the ones for which we would like the specific page to rank.

How do we guide Google to improve the ranking of a page for the keywords you want?

We make sure that Google “receives” the right signals from your page to optimize it, though it’s not always easy. There is a thin line which separates optimization from over-optimization.Optimization will increase the ranking of pages, while over-optimization will work in the opposite manner.

Theseo13 makes sure to optimize a page for keywords and avoid over- optimization. This improves the ranking of your website in an efficient manner. Firstly, we find out what is your page’s rank for the current day for the required keywords. For measuring progress it’s important to understand the baseline. We also explore the different keywords related to your business and website. This exercise gives a better idea to check how difficult the keywords are and what other options you have. We do regular analysis of chosen keywords and results are derived so that expectation v/s reality check can be done.

SEO Optimization Service includes

On-page SEO Services

On Page optimization necessitate optimizing a webpage with targeted keyword search so that page may rank higher on search rankings. On-page SEO methods support making a website more captive for users and accessible for search engines to read. On-site SEO include website keyword optimization, user experience, website and webpage loading time, code optimization and, URL formatting, to name some.

Theseo13 excels in on-page SEO methods as our experts know what and how to make a website more attractive and readable for users. Also, they understand what form of content will be supported on search engine algorithms.

Off-page SEO Services

Off-page SEO is simply that work which takes place distinct from the website. This is more like increasing recognition of your website.

Off-page SEO procedures deal with factors that affect the discernment of your company in organic search results. Publicity of your web links is the highlight of off page SEO optimization.

Theseo13 knows that off-site SEO is much ahead of link building and website design. We take care to boost your website via a prominent and ethical method. This helps to increase organic traffic thus making your website to be shown on the top of Google’s search rankings. The highlighting points included in off-site SEO are presence on social media, link building, performance in search result, and brand authority creation.

How We Can Help?

On-Page SEO

It is a powerful optimization tool that helps increase traffic and engagement organically. On-Page SEO is all about optimizing your website and its content to make it SEO-favourable and more engaging. Our experts ensure that your website is completely optimized from its URL and title descriptions to content and images on every page so that you get more traffic engagement.

Link Building

It is an essential SEO practice that builds the credibility and draws increased organic traffic to your website. Link Building is a difficult and time-consuming process but it is definitely worth the efforts. For starters, it refers to the process of getting other websites to link back to your own.The upshot is that your website will gradually get more citation in the hands of our professionals.

Keyword Research

It is the quintessential step of SEO yet it is the one most people get wrong. That is why our experts prioritize Topic Clusters as much as keywords. Topic clusters is an advanced SEO practice in which keywords related to the topic are used instead of the repetitive keywords used earlier. Our professionals take care of this for you and provide you with the finest quality and structured content that will increase your traffic organically.

Competitors Analysis

It is as important to keep an eye on your competitors as its to build your own website and content. It allows you to better understand the strategies that they are adopting and plan your strategy such that you stay one step ahead of them. We prioritize researching your competitors as much as we research you to get a better knowledge of market.

Why Choose Us?

Theseo13 is considered among the top SEO agencies in India and round the globe. We maintain transparency with our clients, have great working methodology, have excellent talent pool, quality of service, and affordable prices.

With our professionals in SEO, targeted customers can easily find you. Theseo13 optimizes your website and makes it pertinent to keywords and phrases searched by search engine users. Our expert team will design the strategy in such a way that you will get the visibility on top in search engine results.

Theseo13 focuses on generating more traffic by improving your website search rankings. In order to build a unique result oriented strategy, we refer with consumer/market insights of your business. Our experts plan social media marketing and social bookmarking campaigns which helps in lead generation, and enhances the recognition of your website by the world.

Performance Based SEO Service

At Theseo13, we believe in providing performance based SEO service to increase the ranking of your website by using strategic tools and maintaining complete transparency with our clients. Our quality campaign comprises of proven and high strategic methods that ensure Higher Search Engine Ranking placement. By using site back linking, increasing page speed, link building, mobile optimization, website audits, and optimizing content we increase website visibility on search pages.

We are the definitive and most affordable solution for small, large enterprises, for an efficacious and systematic search engine optimization services.

How we enhance your website brand awareness?

In order to create the brand image of your website on a digital platform, we integrate our SEO strategies with your company’s branding plans. It helps us in achieving desired results on a timely basis. Our SEO experts at, focus on generating quality organic traffic, enhance brand awareness, and boost your brand image.

Our professionals plan various tactics to create brand awareness by using different SEO tools like: branding and creating readers optimizing content, targeting niche audiences, using effective key-words, link building. We navigate the target audience on your website who are genuinely interested in your product or service which will positively influence the brand image. Our SEO campaigns are designed in such a way that they can give shape to consumer perception towards your brand.

We maintain transparency with our client by analyzing the traffic on a regular basis and give them lead generation as well as conversion reports. By getting this analysis report you can compare it with your business branding strategies and accordingly decide your future actions. Positive brand image is linked with the increase in sales volume so it’s necessary to have the best search engine optimization company.

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What makes us the best SEO service
Provider Company?

Technical SEO Audit

Our team of SEO professionals first executes a technical audit of a website so that they can determine the problems. We thoroughly go through the website and take out all the flaws due to which a website is unable to rank. To determine this, we use tools like Ahref Auditing Tool, SEMrush Site Audit and, Google Webmaster Tool.

Keyword Search

Being an organic search engine optimization service company, our experts perform keywords analysis so that they can focus on most relevant keywords which steer the website in right direction. To execute keyword research, we use tools like Bing Keywords Research Tools, WordStream Keyword Research Tools and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

On-Site Optimization

After getting your website we do the complete review in terms of keywords, content and also work on site optimization factors accurately like headings, title, page speed, URL structure etc.

Quality Link Building

Link building is an important process for the sustainment of your website on higher search engine ranking. Our team makes sure to make websites popular in your niche by making high quality backlinks for site improvement. For building the backlinks we use various off- page optimization SEO techniques like Business Listing on high authority sites, Video submission, Guest articles, Infographic submission etc.

Reliable and Affordable SEO Service

Theseo13 offers you a host of services at affordable prices. SEO can sound confounding to the young blood, but we guide you simple and easy solutions to generate the desired results. We believe in serving our clients in the best possible and economical way.

Competitor Analysis

Theseo13 believes in extensive competitor’s site analysis so that exact trends can be understood. It gives a clear picture of your business’ popularity and what steps are needed to be taken to improve it further. To perform this analysis, we use tools such as Moz Rank Tracker, Keywords Spy, SEMrush, Ahref and RivellQ.

How SEO Works?

In simple terms, SEO works by exhibiting to search engines making your content the best result for the mentioned topic. As all search engines have the same kind of goal i.e. to show the best and most pertinent results to their users. It ultimately depends on the choice of search engine for optimizations.

For getting more organic traffic on a website you need to understand the new upgraded 180- degree Google’s algorithm. In order to get a huge number of viewers for a video that is uploaded on YouTubes, it’s algorithm can generate the best result. Thus whenever a person searches something on Google (or any other search engine) an algorithm works on a real time basis to fetch you the best results. Google does not make inner calculations of algorithms in public. On the basis of patents and statements from Google, there are two major key factors on which websites and web pages are ranked- Authority and Relevance.


Relevance refers to the creation of relationships that a webpage gives to a particular search. This doesn’t signify that a webpage holds most of the searched keywords. Search engine depends upon a variety of on- site factors to oppress the relevance of a page/ website.


Authority refers to the popularity of the website on a search engine. Popularity of the website has a positive impact for the information it contains. This implies that the visibility and value of information available on websites are correlated with each other.

Theseo13 is one of the leading SEO company in India. We understand the fundamental tools for SEO optimization and always come true to the expectations of clients.

Theseo13 focuses on both, Authority and Relevance for effective working of SEO for websites. Our company offers the best SEO services for national and international based clients at an affordable price. Our experts first observe the current trend of any website then understand the background of business and after analyzing the future aspirations. Then they plan the result oriented strategy by opting target keywords which make us more unique from others. They will also optimize your site beyond keywords/content by looking into and editing your HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. We manage all technical aspects in terms of on- site and off- site optimization, local SEO service, Ecommerce SEO service and SEO service in USA.